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Bikexplora: bike rental in Vasto, but not only…
To discover the Trabocchi cycle path, but also the surrounding hills. It is no coincidence that the bike rental in Vasto is called Bikexplora travelinebike


Surely the Trabocchi cycle path is a source of great interest for cyclists, so finding a point of reference for the rental of muscle bikes and E-Bikes is certainly of interest. This is why we recommend Bikexplora bike rental in Vasto, which we have personally tested several times.

But Bikexplora is not just a rental company because Jean Luc and Andrea – owners of the business – are also E-Bike builders, guides and – last but not least – sincere two-wheel enthusiasts.

The interesting thing is that, in addition to having a series of ready-to-purchase vehicles, it is possible to have your muscle bike "electrified", whether it is a city, sports, gravel or mountain bike.

A transformation that makes switching to assisted pedaling extremely convenient, taking advantage of the vehicle already at your disposal. This also allows fine customization: you can choose between the different types of motor – wheel or central – but also the size of the battery. In short, choose the type of "assistance" that is most congenial to your use

And finally, Jean Luc and Andrea, as perfect connoisseurs of the area, also offer the service of guides, to tackle the route that best suits your abilities, perhaps adding a few small adventures. Obviously without renouncing the cultural, landscape, but above all gastronomic stops.

We met them thanks to two events organized by the GAL Costa dei Trabocchi, of which Jean Luc and Andrea are collaborators.

The first concerned precisely the Trabocchi cycle path, The second concerned the group game Trabocchi Game, an initiative that at first had seen us skeptical, but which soon won us over: here is the service.

Bikexplora is a guarantee of professionalism and knowledge of the area.