Rental Agreement



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Name: ______________________Surname: ______________________Place of birth: ____________________ Date of birth: ____/_____/______Resident in Street:___________________________N°_____City:_________________________ ZIP code:______________Province:_________Country___________________ Telephone:_________ Mobile__________________________ E-Mail:

DOCUMENT N° ___________________________________ Issued on: _______/_______/______________ Rents from Bikexplora of Furore Jean Luc n.______bicycle/e-bike from the day:______/_____/____ to the day: _____/_____/_____ from ______ to ______ for a total of euro_____________.
Rental Price List 2023

Muscle bike euro 5 per hour, euro 15 half day (4 hours), euro 25 full day (until closure of activities)
Pedal-assisted bikes: 12 euros per hour, 30 euros for half a day (4 hours), 40 euros for a full day (until closure of activities).
TO THIS PURPOSE, DECLARES pursuant to and for the purposes of articles 38 and 47 of the Presidential Decree 28.12.2000 n.445 and aware of the consequences, including criminal ones, foreseen in the event of false declarations pursuant to articles 75 and 76 of the same Presidential Decree, to have read the rental price list, services and compensation for damages and the current regulation for the provision of the bicycle rental service which constitutes, for all legal purposes, a user contract, the general contractual conditions of which declares, pursuant to current regulations, to know and to accept, with particular reference to the consequences incumbent on the renter in the event of damage caused, during the use of the vehicle, to himself, to the rented bicycle, to third parties and to things and to the manager's exemption from liability, pursuant to art.1341, paragraph 2, of the civil code, which are approved in writing upon signing this application form; to be informed, pursuant to article 7 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n.196 and subsequent amendments, that the personal data collected will be processed, also with IT tools, exclusively within the context of the procedure for which the present application is presented.