Terms & Conditions Rent


These regulations indicate the rules that must be respected by the user for the rental use of bicycles owned by "Bikexplora di Furore Jean Luc" and the contractual conditions that the rental service manager is required to apply.

1. The bicycle(s) are delivered equipped with a helmet, padlock and position lights as required by current legislation.

2. Payment of the rental price must be made upon delivery of the bikes.

3. The use of the bicycle is reserved for adults unless the minor is accompanied by an adult who takes responsibility for it in writing.

4. The lessee declares that he has visited the goods and that he has found them in excellent condition and suitable for the agreed use, and undertakes to return them at the end of this contract, in the same condition in which they were delivered, without prejudice to the normal usury. He also undertakes not to load a weight exceeding 110kg including the driver.

5. In the event of damage and/or breakage caused to the rented vehicle, the user will have to pay for the damage caused, which will be quantified by the manager upon return of the vehicle, at the current market value and labour. the Manager will check the condition of the bike with a special evaluation form at the time of return.

6. In the event of a delay in returning the goods referred to in this deed, upon expiry of this contract, the Lessor is obliged to pay the rental company a penalty of €30.00 for each cycle and for each day of delay in delivery beyond the cost for each day of rental according to the basic daily rate, except for greater damage.

7. The rented goods are delivered to the renter upon signing of this agreement. The lessor undertakes to manage the vehicles referred to in this contract in full compliance with their current destination, to take care of and look after them with diligence for the protection of the name and decorum of what was rented with the right to carry out the activity in compliance of all legal and safety standards.

8. The renter must use the vehicle in compliance with the rules of the highway code and with all the rules in force in the country of use.

9. The renter declares to be responsible for all damages, none excluded, caused to himself, to third parties or to things deriving from the use of the vehicle. – Bikexplora is not responsible for all deficiencies, breakdowns and other defects not resulting before the delivery of the vehicle to the customer and no compensation can be requested. Bikexplora is expressly exonerated from any liability relating to accidents with material damage and/or personal injury caused by the customer and/or third parties.

10. The renter expressly indemnifies the renter from any liability deriving from the custody and circulation of the bicycle, assuming any injuries to his/her person, damages caused to third parties as well as any hypothesis of theft, even partial of the vehicle and also in case of guided excursion.

11. The rented material is not insured, in case of damage, total breakage, theft, the material in question will be charged to the customer according to the market value as reported in the price list for damage to bicycles and accessories also referred to as the "repair cost table" . In the event of a puncture, €6 will be charged for the inner tube.

12. In case of theft, the renter is obliged to present an immediate report to the competent authorities and present a copy to Bikexplora.

13. Failure to return the bicycle without prior notice and motivated by exceptional cases will be considered as embezzlement and therefore reported to the Judicial Authorities.

14. A chain lock and key is provided with each rental. In case of loss of even just the key, €15 will be charged.

15. The use of the bicycle or any participation in a tour, guided or not, presupposes the physical fitness and technical expertise of whoever intends to ride it. Therefore, by renting a bicycle, the user declares that he/she has adequate capacity, appropriate competence and physical preparation, without making any reservation.

16. The user with a non-functioning bicycle undertakes to return the vehicle to the point where he signed the rental agreement. In case of assistance and transport of bikes and/or people for reasons not attributable to the renter, a fee of 10 euros will be requested.

17. Signing the rental agreement by the user presupposes knowledge and unconditional acceptance of these regulations, the rates, the opening and closing times of the rental service.

18. Bikexplora reserves the right to cancel reservations if it deems that the renter cannot guarantee the safety and reliability conditions of the vehicle it rents.